The Marketing Dept.
For Indie-Makers

a hyper-collaborative community to talk, evolve and launch ideas in real-time.

Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt- “Arguably, you need marketing skills more today than ever as you have more products in the world created”

For Makers by Marketers.

There's 25 ways to do something but never any guidance or an easy way to jump into testing or executing on ideas. This platform aims to put a stop to the endless case studying, forum frenzy-ing, and article artifact-ing.

Makers and Marketers come together to stop fluffing each others feathers and start doing.

Collaborate in Real Time...For Real.


Work with anyone, anytime, anywhere and use any of the tools together or by yourself in the basement.

By having access to a community of marketers ready to help, you can work together to get things done on your unique issues and hit more creative breakthroughs. Make some new colleagues or invite old ones.

Carte Blanche Tools (French Style).

Choose from a number of marketing tools to publish content, test campaigns, analyze findings, pinpoint the right customers and message and also get feedback plus some other cool things in one fun and easy to use platform. Also, allow invited members to take control and do the work for you.

There shouldn't be 5 platforms open all damn day to do simple but powerful tasks.

Nathan Myhrvold - "If you don't fashion an environment where creators and originators can get things going, you won't have any new ideas!"

The Canvas: Where You'll Launch Everything From.

The canvas acts as the jumping off point for makers and all of your ideas and problems.

THE THEORY: If you have tons of material to work with then you can feed the imagination to actually build amazing concepts. An infinite workspace gives you and your team a place to slap down everything that needs attention. Add Problems, Ideas, Images, Notes, sketches and link certain elements to make real connections and bridge creativity gaps.

This is the true nature of creativity - taking all your ideas and concepts and re-tooling them. The power of writing things down is at the core of this tool.

A Glimpse at the Canvas tool...she's gorgeous.

How About us Marketeers and Sales Buffs?

Don't' worry I didn't forget about us. We can use the tools just as much as our maker friends. We also get a chance to contribute on projects at their infancy and get our feet wet in creative tech.

We also have a chance to make a few extra bucks if we are good enough.(more details to come)

PigeonHack gives us a mountain to shout from and exhibit to our professional networks that our ability to take an idea and turn it into execution is the real deal. Proof! Eat that Next Interview Process!

Dave McClure of 500 Startups- "to be honest, design and marketing aren’t just EQUALLY important as engineering…
designers, Product Managers & [technical, analytical] marketers are usually WAY MORE IMPORTANT than coders”

Brain Buster Time!


  • Make a Canvas. Name it "Need some stupid crazy creative ideas"

  • Pour everything you have in your head onto the Canvas

  • Invite anyone from anywhere to collaborate on your canvas.

  • Work on those breakthroughs

  • Use lite tools inside the platform to take those breakthroughs farther.

Is it for me? Hell Yea

  • You're a single founder and need to start your marketing journey.

  • You're a creative agency and need a cool place to work with clients.

  • You're an investment fund and want to help your portfolio out.

  • Maybe you just want a place to brain dump and store files.

  • Plus a 100,000,000 other things

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